Turnkey Satellite Service, plus 50% off Used Satellite Equipment.

VoIP Phone service with connection to the PSTN.

If you work in a branch office of an overseas company, using VoIP over your VSAT connection will allow you to make free calls ...
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Turnkey VSAT Systems

We take the word "Turnkey" very seriously. Very few of our clients are satellite experts, many are not even satellite knowledgeable, so we take ...
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What is a Teleport or Earth Station?

Every satellite circuit has two ends; at one end is our client in Africa or South America with a need for an Internet connection, ...
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AVL Quick Deploy KU-Band Antenna

AVL Fly-N-Drive Antennas Recently Sold

Last week we sold four AVL Fly-N-Drive Antennas but In order to guarantee the best product experience for our clients, we fully inspected and ...
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Blackmagic Design, Top Quality TV Broadcast Studio

We offer the Blackmagic Design, Top Quality TV Broadcast Studio. As authorized resellers of Blackmagic Design audio and visual production equipment we can design ...
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Bandwidth & Satellite Connections for Africa and the Americas

Our team offer Bandwidth & Satellite Connections services to clients throughout our hemisphere. Since the year 2000 we have been offering full service to ...
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